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Hello, I am Susan Hannah.


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Professional Introduction

Hello, I am Susan Hannah. I have a Master’s of English degree from Northern Arizona University. My writing experience includes writing research articles, technical papers, and blogs for small businesses. Currently, I am writing a thesis on the importance of sensitivity to trauma in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. 

My teaching experience includes working with beginner, intermediate and advanced students. I have helped some students improve their English speaking by working specifically on their pronunciation. For others, I have tutored them in grammar and vocabulary to help their reading and listening understanding.

Some students have needed help with academic, business, or technical writing. Public speaking, for college or work, has also been an area where I supported students in gaining specific skills and confidence. I have successfully worked with students very new to English and those who are working on advanced degrees.

I meet students where they are and individualize lesson plans to fit their needs. I do not believe any of us learn the same way. Our learning styles are unique, and it takes flexibility and understanding to make lessons successful.


Informal Introduction

Hi, I’m Susan Hannah. You can call me Sue or Susan. I was born and raised in the Northeastern United States close to New York City. Many years ago I moved out West to Arizona. That was a big change for me! Back home I had four seasons and sometimes a lot of snow. The summers were hot and humid and the winters were cold and sometimes icy. Fall was my favorite time of the year. I loved the pretty leaves and the chill in the air.

I live in Southeastern Arizona between the big city of Tucson and the Mexican border. Temperatures get very warm here and sometimes it can be over 106 degrees Fahrenheit or 41 degrees Celsius. Winter here is short. It usually lasts from the end of November to early February. It can begin getting very hot in April. Because we are in the desert, we have very warm days and much cooler nights. 

I am married and live in the countryside with dogs and cats. My husband and I enjoy the beautiful nights with lots of stars. It is one of my favorite parts of living here. Another interesting occurrence is when it rains we get to see double rainbows. 

I love working from home with my students. It is so nice to meet people from around the world. Learning about different countries and cultures is wonderful! My dad used to travel to many countries for his work. I grew up hearing about the people he met and all of the amazing areas he got to see. 

Although our chaotic times have stopped my travels for now, I look forward to being able to visit different countries once again. The United States is made up of many different people and I believe this fact makes us a strong country. In fact, my grandparents were immigrants. They were very special to me and I loved them very much. 

Languages are paths that can help us connect to each other. I enjoy learning lots of new things. I’ve studied a little of many languages and am always looking to learn more. I know for me speaking comfortably in a different language can be very difficult sometimes. I will do my best to help you reach your goals with kindness and understanding.

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